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Sith Victory by Mistress-D Sith Victory by Mistress-D
Drawn in honor of my defeat of the Republic my first time playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. X3 Here's the experience as quoted from my LJ:

"Whoah. I just beat Knights of the Old Republic. o_o


I kicked Darth Malak's ass (after much toil and exasperation, I might add), and I have to say, he had some pretty cool dying words. "It all ends as I knew it somehow must... In darkness..." or something along those lines. Pretty neat. Then he falls, I take his place as the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Republic fleet gets destroyed, and the next thing I know, I'm up on this ledge with these freaking legions of minions below and they're all shouting "Hail, Lord Revan! Hail, Lord Revan!" and I'm grinning evilly (although I look a bit constipated, in my opinion...).

Then the final image is of the Sith fleet looming towards the camera, with the Star Forge following; off to conquer the inner worlds, I presume.

Whoah. X3

Anyway, now I'm gonna train a character to be on the Light Side and see how that works out. ...If I ever get off Taris. -_- God, I hate this world... I can barely even move. The image quality on my computer doesn't really meet the game's requirements... It doesn't stop me from playing, but if I get into a really dense area, the game starts screwing up REALLY bad. Taris is THE worst... -_- And unfortunately, it's the world you stay on the longest... Poop. XP

Anyway, bow down to me, beetches. ^_~"
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Deadmanwalking162 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
not for long Madalor will you peace show why
robokop Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2006
Awesome lady Revan! :D
ChibiMomiji123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
*bows before your almighty Sith powers*
swimagainstgravity Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2006
Awesome, I love the shading, and that pretty much does look like how I felt when I um...beat the galaxy down :D.
Theta-Xi Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Look at this face - A perfect mixture of madness and beauty!
:D :D :D
Ignacia Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006  Student Filmographer
Jeez! I wish I could draw and shade clothes like you! I have no clue on how to do it!
Mistress-D Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2006
Believe me, it took me a looooong time to even get to the point I am now. And I've still got a long way to go... ^^*
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June 10, 2006
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